Real Live Realtors could be like HGTV Stars for their Clients

As a professional Real Estate Agent, you sometimes have to sell the potential of a property and you’ve probably had more than one ‘problem’ listing in your career. 

How many of your clients are enamored by HGTV shows like “Love It or List It”, “Property Brothers” or any of the myriad of house flipping shows? You don’t have a production crew or the team of professionals that your clients see on TV. Or do you?

What if you had a resource, armed with design thinking and creativity, that could help your clients see the potential in that problem property? If you could help your clients understand what’s possible and what’s involved in turning that diamond in the rough into their dream home, would you be like their very own HGTV star?

UK Architects created a system to help Agents and Sellers show Buyers the untapped potential in a listing.

Through their simple, 3-step system of photographing, sketching and narration, UK Architects produces videos that help get buyers excited about what's possible. Agents and Sellers can get excited about a Buyer that not only sees the vision and the cost, but also the potential of increased property value.

UK Architects' ability to evaluate, sketch and provide realistic visions for difficult properties, can effectively connect with those buyers who need that extra bit of confidence that they will be purchasing a property that will really work for them. 

If you are a Real Estate Agent, you can be like an HGTV Star for your clients. Bring in your team of professionals to provide a little vision, a little perspective about what's possible and what's involved in turning that 'problem' listing into a dream.

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