A Valentine From UK Architects

February 14th is a day to celebrate love of all kinds and this year we want to share with you the things we’re loving this winter.

Co-Principal Sloane Mayor is loving the current residential transformations she’s working on. We have several residential renovations in the office and Sloane always gets super motivated through discussions with clients about discovering the potential of their current spaces.

You’d assume a renovation is about adding more space but sometimes it’s more about redefining what’s already there. And of course we always talk about improving energy efficiency too. Nothing like improving your own space and reducing your impact on the planet at the same time! Sloane and Chris both love getting their hands on a residence and reshaping it into a home our clients will love.

before and after river house.png

What UK Architects Founder and Co-Principal Chris Kennedy loves right now is our big move to a new studio space. Our current studio is a basement office space so we’re all excited for a space with daylight again. Interesting fact: currently 84% of our staff is female, our move into the new space will allow us to add 3 studio dogs, resulting in our staff being 90% female.  Chris finds this transition to a majority female firm in a male dominated profession really exciting.

our new office.png

We’re also feeling the love from you; our supporters, collaborators, and clients. Whenever we get replies to our newsletters, congratulations for a win or a glowing testimonial, it’s confirmation that we are having a positive impact on our community. And that feels really good.

Here’s a small selection of the many wonderful things people have been saying about UK Architects:

 “UK Architects truly is an exemplary project leader.”

Sugar River Mills Redevelopment, LL


“My clients received exactly what they needed and we have been able to proceed with our construction process and documents from here. I applaud you for recognizing and creating this design approach that was clearly a void in the market.”

 -Shane Carter, owner of Ridgeview Construction in Deerfield, NH


“You guys are great. This space is fabulous! ...In essence, this space is fantastic for the school and your design captured the vision and expectations for this space better than I ever could have imagined.”

-Mike Schafer, Head of School Kimball Union Academy Campus Center at Kimball Union Academy


“From the beginning of our process you have taken an integrated approach to our design. Everyone has been involved in a collaborative way in putting together a project that meets our objectives. The team has been sensitive to our desires for a”green” building...Most importantly, the UK team has been great to work with to produce a market that I believe will work for our consumer members.”

 -Terry Appleby, General Manager Hanover Consumer COOP Community Market on Lyme Road in Hanover


UK Architects’ aim is to create lasting value by enhancing the way people live and interact and by contributing to a community’s character and service to its members. To learn more about our services, click here.